R.E.A.C.T.™ Defense Systems L.L.C. (R.D.S.™) has been part of the Valley’s history for the past 15 years and in that time, they have trained the highest level of law enforcement and military.

With over 30 years of martial arts and fitness experience, Chief Instructor, Jay Ackerman, is the founder of Tactical Black™ and solely responsible for bringing Krav Maga™ Worldwide to Phoenix, AZ. Jay, along with his partners Josh Ackerman, Manuel Robinson, Stephen Valletta, and Michael Bolles have continued to evolve the training based on the needs of today’s soldier. Together, they have developed a well rounded system in advanced self-defense that emphasizes hand-to-hand combat, weapon defenses, weapon retention that has been street tested and proven.

  • Life saving skills
  • Quickly & easily learned system
  • Self defense around the body (chokes, grabs, bear hugs)
  • Fight (stand-up with complete ground-&-pound system and getting off the ground)
  • Weapons defenses that have been battle tested (guns, knives, sticks all standing and on the ground)
  • Long gun & hand gun retention standing and on the ground
  • Training under adverse conditions (loss of vision or hearing, wounded, etc.)
  • Hostage situations & 3rd party
  • Defenses against multiple attackers
  • 21-Foot Rule training under stress
  • Verbal skills
  • Vision drills

A trained individual will react better and make appropriate decisions when confronted with a possible threat than a non-trained person would. If you currently hold a commission card and badge, this training saves lives. For more information, call our center at 602.485.5728.

*THREE VALLEY LOCATIONS: Glendale, Phoenix & Chandler

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